LibMultiScale manual

In simulations, particle approaches can be helpful when the discreteness of matter needs to be taken into account. Multiscale coupling methods allow to reduce the prohibitive computational costs of discrete methods. For instance, with these approaches one can couple an atomic description with a macroscopic model of continuum mechanics.

The LibMultiScale is a C++ parallel framework (MPI-based only) for the multiscale coupling methods dedicated to material simulations. This framework is designed as a library providing an API which makes it possible to program coupled simulations. The coupled parts can be provided by existing projects. In such a manner, the API gives C++ templated interfaces to reduce to the maximum the cost of integration taking the form of plugins or alike. LAMMPS (Sandia laboratories) and Akantu (LSMS) have been integrated to provide a functional framework.

The LibMultiScale is now distributed with a joint CeCILL-C and LGPL open-source licence with a shared copyrights between INRIA, CEA and EPFL.

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